The history of our holding starts from 2006. At those days we founded CHOCOCREAM Company. Our chocolate and milk pastes CHOCOCREAM and CHOCOTELLA became a real breakthrough. Thanks to them, people in Uzbekistan started to have similar products for breakfast and dinner.

The next step was FINLAND BUTTER company (DONNA fat-and-oil products) founded in 2009. Then there was an urgent need to control the quality of products and the strategic development of our companies and NMEDOV Holding Company was established for this purpose. We started to invite the best specialists from Europe and Uzbekistan. Thanks to their experience and work, we managed to create such popular spreads as SHVEDSKOYE and KIEVSKOYE and many other fat-and-oil products.

In 2009, we also established a chocolate products commission, which was supposed to study the market of Uzbekistan so that we could adequately meet the consumers’ demands. As a result, in 2010 GLORY FOOD was founded. Today candies of this company under the brands ESTELLO, MORELIA, VALENCIA, GLORY, PARIS, KELLY and CARAVAN have gained recognition in Uzbekistan and are successfully being exported to the CIS countries.

In 2013, we set a goal to become a leader in the developing market of instant noodles. To achieve the goal, the company ARDENT FOODS was established. And already in 2014 it began producing of unique instant noodles, produced by Italian technology, under the brand name HOT LUNCH. In the same year, we launched the production of pasta products under the brands HOT LUNCH and DI LUCHO. Thanks to this, today we are the largest producer of instant noodles in Uzbekistan.

In 2015, we started the production of biscuit pancakes and installed the Dutch automated equipment. In February 2016, Finland Butter subsidiary company started producing biscuit thick pancakes with different fillings under the brand PANKIE. Our pancakes were warmly met by consumers. They are especially popular among children and teenagers. We are proud that due to our efforts, a new direction is emerging in Uzbekistan, which is biscuit thick pancake. In addition, we are planning to promote this product abroad.